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Border Vets is now enrolling clients in this innovative program


Designed for Dairy Farmers
Delivered by Dairy Vets

ProDairy promotes cow health, welfare and production.

ProDairy promotes cow health, welfare and production. Our proactive approach to dairy systems with a focus on preventative health allows monitoring of disease status within a herd. Early identification of animal health issues provides the best opportunity for treatment with minimal impact on profitability. ProDairy treatment protocols guide the usage of all prescription medicines under the supervision of your Herd Veterinarian.

We can provide our ProDairy Partners with competitively priced products due to the scale of our business and national network of clinics. Finally, our service programs have been designed with farmers in mind. They have been extensively road-tested to deliver value and improved efficiency on-farm.

ProDairy Partnership Brochure

Download the ProDairy Partnership brochure for a comprehensive snapshot of the programs benefits.

ProDairy Partner inclusions

animal health programs

Customised animal health treatment protocols and factsheets for calves, weaned heifers, milking cows and bulls


  • Online ordering and payment system
  • Directly linked to individual farm herd health treatment protocols
  • Access to dairy consumables and merchandise


Annual Herd Profile Survey to identify current and future priorities. Risk assessments and plans:

  • Pre-calving care
  • Colostrum management
  • Herd fertility
  • Milk quality and mastitis management
  • Annual ProDairy Focus Plan


Discounted fees (-20%) on selected veterinary services:

  • Colostrum management investigation
  • Milk quality investigation
  • Reproductive performance investigation
  • Biosecurity plan
  • Animal welfare plan
  • Individual tailored courses


  • Range of training topics
  • Face-to-face and on-line options
  • Optical Brix Refractometer
  • HerdPRO – Poster Series
  • HeiferPRO – Poster Series
  • CalfPRO – Poster Series

Full Veterinary Services List

Fees may apply


Colostrum First

Colostrum risk assessment; Monitors colostrum cleanliness; Measures passive transfer status of calves; Sets benchmarks for calf-hood morbidity and mortality.


Tailored pre-weaning nutrition plans specialising in enhanced nutrition programs.

Shed design

Training in all areas of calf housing requirements: pen size, building materials, drainage, ventilation, feeding systems.

Veterinary Disbudding

Calf disbudding from 3-8 weeks of age using triple combination anaesthesia/analgesia.


Ambulatory Consultations

Examination of any sick cow, heifer, bull or calf. Does not include costs of diagnostic tests or medications used.


Biosecurity risk assessment and plan. Includes: Livestock and feed; people, vehicles and equipment; production practices; pests and weeds; outgoing products; training, planning and recording; and Johnes disease management.


Welfare risk assessment and plan. Reviews current practices relating to animal welfare in all animal groups: calves, weaned stock, mated heifers, dry cows, close-up cows/heifers, fresh cows, milking herd and bulls.


RePRO First

Reproductive perfomance risk assessment. Identifies good/average/poor performing areas which can affect herd fertility.

RePRO Investigation

In-depth investigation into all aspects of reproductive performance.

Bull Testing

Crush-side examination, semen collection, analysis and morphology.

Pregnancy Testing

Manual, early and conventional ultrasound. Does not include foetal sexing.


Whole or partial herd checking for reproductive tract infection priro to MSD using a metricheck device. Price includes treatment time but not product costs.

Data Management

Data entry and analysis using herd management software.


Milk First

Milk quality risk assessment. Identifies good/average/poor performing areas which can affect milk quality.

MilkPRO Investigation

In-depth investigation into all aspects of milk quality assurance.


Administration of teatselant/DCT to cows or heifers +/- tipper crush. Does not include cost of product(s).

Drying-off Training

Training in the adminstration of teat-sealant/ DCT.


Correct Weight

Heifer weighing and growth monitoring. Nutritional advice. Preventative health management.

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