Reproduction is the driving force on a dairy farm. A strong reproduction rate is a key factor in a dairy farm’s profitability.


For this reason, and to ensure BVC provides the best possible advice and recommendations on the topic, Dr Jason Wright and Dr Lachlan Ferring have completed the Dairy Australia’s ReproRight Advanced Advisors course; an intense program which ran over 12 months.  Only about 30 advisors in Australia hold this qualification.


With this qualification, Dr Jason Wright and Dr Lachlan Fehring can advise on:

Assessing reproductive performance

Manipulating data to assess reproductive performance

Heifer and calf rearing for improved reproduction

Manipulation of calving pattern

Reproductive physiology

Mating management programs- anoestrus, synchronisation programs and heat detection

AI and semen handling principles

Abortion investigations

Infectious agents affecting reproductive performance

Nutrition and body condition score

Bull management and breeding soundness testing

Selection of semen for improving reproductive performance

Managing herd reproductive programs on an on-going basis


InCalf is a Dairy Australia project providing information to better enable dairy farmers to get cows in calf as soon as mating starts. To help farmers improve herd reproductive performance irrespective of their farming system, InCalf has resources for each of the key management areas:

• Transition cow management

• Bull management

• Heifer growth

• Heat detection

• Artificial insemination


At Border Veterinary Clinic, we also have the only two fully accredited Repro Right Advanced Advisors in our area. Dr Jason Wright and Dr Lachlan Fehring have both completed the 10 month long professional development course.


Repro Right is an intensive professional development program for dairy reproduction advisers to improve their ability to provide intensive problem-solving and whole herd reproductive management services to dairy farmers.


For those customers not in our operating area, please see Dairy Australia's website for the full list of accredited advisors.


Many different oestrus synchrony methods are in common use in lactating cows. There are pros and cons to the different synchrony programs in terms of costs, resources required, complexity of management and outcomes. These programs should only be trusted to fully accredited staff.


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