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At Border Vet Clinic, we work to deliver animal care and advice that extends beyond regular vet work. We focus on solutions that reduce the incidence of sick animals and aim to increase both production and fertility. We use computer data for analysis of herd reproductive performance.


Our services include:

• 24 Hour service including medicine, surgery, calving and all other emergencies

• Pregnancy testing (both manual and ultrasound)

• Stress and pain free calf disbudding

• Synchrony and joining programs

• Herd health management

• Mastitis investigation & control – we have numerous Countdown Downunder Accredited advisors.

• Nutrition advice

• Lameness prevention and hoof trimming

• Feedlot consultation


Production animals


An animal's production, is only as good as its health and when an animal becomes ill or is injured you have to get it back to full health as fast as possible.


We confidently offer 24 hour emergency care, including surgery, calving assistance and other emergencies.

For any emergency or general medical requests, please contact your closest clinic.

hoof trimming


Third only to mastitis and reproduction, lameness is the most costly health issue to a dairy cow.

A cow that is on the way to becoming lame can cost you over 15% production. When a cow is lame, she will lose up to 36% of production. We believe that prevention is better than a cure and offer full hoof trimming services and lameness prevention services.

feedlot services

The Services and activities provided as part of Southern Cross Feedlot Services can be personalised depending on the feedlot’s requirements and ability to meet the goals for different sized entities.

calf disbudding

One of the most unpleasant jobs on a dairy farm just got easier for the farmer and much less stressful for the calf.

Using our disbudding technique we can offer the following:

• Reduction of stress to the animal

• Reduction of pain to the animal

• Improvement in appetite and growth rates, when compared to traditional method

• High degree of animal welfare

• Decreased labour requirements

• Checking for hernias and extra teats

• Opportunity for farmers to ear tag, vaccinate and ear notch

The preferred age to disbud the calves is 3-8 weeks.

Contact your closest clinic to find out more.

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